Black Gaming Mouse Pad

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SPEED & CONTROL SURFACE - Mouse mats that are incredibly smooth and flat and have rough surfaces to create a sensation of resistance to your mouse movements. Mats suit gamers who need absolute precision to hit targets exactly where they need to

REINFORCED EDGE STITCHING - High quality stitching around the edges so it's built to last, The edges are expertly reinforced by a dense stitching process that not only looks great but also prevents damage and deformation.

OPTIMIZED FOR ALL SENSITIVITY SETTING AND SENSORS - An advanced multi-layer process is used to provide thousands of light reflecting microscopic points for ultra-precise tracking, This super fine and high density material ensure the mouse moves smoothly with optimal glide

ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BACKING - Bottom is made of natural processed foam rubber, which gives flexibility to adapt to desktops of different surface materials, anti-slip, high-quality and long-life design

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